Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Graphics With Mr Pineda

Today at graphics we did 3 d shapes. What we had to do was cut up the paper, that had the 3 d shape in it and fold it up after we have finish cutting it. We also watched this , video that had the facts of faces and edges. The video really helped me fold up my 3 d shape.  


 Today we did "Orienteering", inside because we had to use our brain to match up the symbols on the map. We had to get into groups of 4, so we can play relays with each other. First we had, two groups on one side, and the other two groups on the other side. From each two groups from each side they had to go against each other. The game we were playing was matching up the symbols. Who ever wins goes again, until theirs an a official winner.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

📑Duffy Assembly📑

Related image
On Tuesday a visitor Micheal Mulipula came in, and talked about how he fell in love doing comic illustrating. He talked about how he was drawing these amazing pictures. He drew wonderful pictures of himself to illustrate the facials in a journal school book. He has been illustrate in many comic books, and has experience himself as a wrestler.    

Monday, 4 September 2017

Cross Country Running

 This morning everyone from the senior block had to do running around the streets including some year fours this was because it was our practice for cross country. When we first started I felt like my legs were going to fall but I still carried on running with my buddy Meafou. We had to do 2 rounds, when I did my first round I started getting tried in my second. When we stopped I was so happy and exhausted. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Our New Rotation

At tech we rotated to another class which was art. I felt really excited about our new class because I heard we were doing art. We were told to draw our names in different letter writing. 

I started off using some block wirting for my first letter of my
word. I felt really happy with myself when I drawled the first letter of my name. Once I finished my first name I moved on to my last name, I started my last name with some bubble writing. When I finished I coloured everything in.

When I finished my whole name I showed everyone and they said it looks incredible. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Last Day At Tech

 On Wednesday the 16th of August,we cooked nachos with Doritos, spaghetti, baked beans, tomato paste, cheese, garlic, sweet chill sauce, mixed herbs and thyme. First we cooked the mince with the garlic which smelt very strong. Once it was brown we added the nacho sauce into the frying pan, so we can mix it altogether. Once it was well combined together, I had a taste of it and it was really delicious!!!

Friday, 28 July 2017


Last term from Monday to Friday, Mr Reid had sorted out the netball team for this year. Some players are new and some are old who played last year. This week we started our netball practices. So far our practices has been fantastic and everybody is starting to play with their skills also having to play with speed. I enjoyed our practices.