Thursday, 23 February 2017

Art !

We had to draw a taniwha with patterns at the back of it,first off we had to pick a website to do our digital art and I picked sumo paint. I started with the eyes then going down to the nose and head then the tough.When I finished with the taniwha body  I went down to the patterns which I did last,when I started the patterns I started with some straight lines and then I went to the pukeko which is 3 lines which looks like triangles.So this is how it turned out.

Duffy Show !

It was first time that Ruapotaka school, had the Duffy theatre,When we sat down we said
a couple of songs then they went right in to it.First off Duffy went to a planet and he met a girl hero
and when he met the girl hero told the girl hero said ,the girl hero said lets sing a song,and Duffy went along and sang with her.After they sang the song they had to save other planets,then after they saved the plants the girl hero thinked in her head that she did everything wrong so Duffy thought her how to read and it made every thing better.So the girl hero gave Duffy a cape because he told the girl hero how to read.So Duffy was the hero of the day .

Friday, 17 February 2017

Richie McCaw: Flying above Port Hills fire 'scary stuff'

Captain Richie MCaw says that the Christchurch Port hill was filled up with flames and fire burning through the grass on the top of the hill in Christchurch.Richie Mcaw has missions since the fire on Monday broke
out ,Richie Mcaw hand over with monsoon bucket just yet.There are plenty training's needed.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

New Auckland-Northland motorway route revealed

On the motorway there have been some traffic lately, As North and Southbound together also the traffic must be safe at all times and there must be safety around that area . The transporter Minister Simon Bridges has said that the traffic had gone good and also showing progress in this situation.The straighter road must be reduce so that the high crash weight is in this area.The motorists that often gets stuck is the heavy moving vehicle.The proposed route to be shared with public for their feedback.The motorway has had progress of traffic but also heavy vehicles had some issue's which was that they go slower than smaller and easier cars. The traffic around North and South has had good progress around those area's sometimes there have been some issue's with the traffic around that area because the traffic too some vehicles go slow and also it depent's on how many car's and how the traffic light's are going.The motorway has been busy alot and also not busy but most times there has been alot about traffic going around in Auckland.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

England Squds Series

This years first ever game in 2017 from start to finish New Zealand Silver Ferns went up against South Africa in the England squad series. The score was outstanding, Silver ferns 70 - 39 South Africa.
(Vice) Captain Maria Tutaia was impressive with her shooting, at long range .

Well deserved win sliver ferns. Good luck for the rest of the squad series, hope use take it out and bring that trophy home.