Thursday, 16 February 2017

New Auckland-Northland motorway route revealed

On the motorway there have been some traffic lately, As North and Southbound together also the traffic must be safe at all times and there must be safety around that area . The transporter Minister Simon Bridges has said that the traffic had gone good and also showing progress in this situation.The straighter road must be reduce so that the high crash weight is in this area.The motorists that often gets stuck is the heavy moving vehicle.The proposed route to be shared with public for their feedback.The motorway has had progress of traffic but also heavy vehicles had some issue's which was that they go slower than smaller and easier cars. The traffic around North and South has had good progress around those area's sometimes there have been some issue's with the traffic around that area because the traffic too some vehicles go slow and also it depent's on how many car's and how the traffic light's are going.The motorway has been busy alot and also not busy but most times there has been alot about traffic going around in Auckland.

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