Friday, 8 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey - Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams
A lady came into room 10 classroom to show that there is a blogging of  winter learning journey
She was talking about if we want to join in and register for the learning blogging journey that is going on. What we do is that we register and we have activities to blog about it on the website
We have different activities like there are pictures of what you need to write about . Whenever we do a blog post we have 4 points but it has to be about the activity on the website. Who ever has the most points you might get a basket of food and movie tickets.I can’t wait until we start the holiday blogging !

Monday, 4 July 2016

Financial literacy

Two teachers named Nikki and Sigred told Room 10 about financial literacy. What is financial literacy? It is about saving money. Saving money is buying things that you need for yourself and what is good. There was a poster that was talking about reducing expenses. A girl was talking about what she needs and what she does not need and we had to sort out what was her expenses and what things she did not need. What is financial responsibility? It is being a good borrower. What is identity? It is the government and non-government things, like birth certificate, work card, passport, driver's licence, that tell who we are. My favourite part I learnt about was how to save money so I can achieve more when I am older.