Thursday, 24 November 2016

Road Patrols

On Wednesday we did road patrols. Constable Teina came to talk to us
about the rules. Constable Teina took us to the pedestrian crossing so we can learn how to do patrols for next year. She said 2 volunteers to do it and I put my hand up and the other person was Bella. When we were carrying the lollipops it felt very heavy. I was the trailer and Bella was the truck in front. We had to wear these vests so the people that are driving know that we are keeping safety for our school. When we did the patrols we had to hook the wire up to the  black and white pole that was where Bella was. I was on the other side with the police lady. As soon as we started Bella was the leader and I was the follower. She had to say Signs out look right. Then she said check, then I said clear, then she said cross now. After that she said Signs in. We kept on switching being the leader and follower. What I learnt was that if a car is behind the white shaped diamond you can put the signs out. It was really fun but I was very nervous at the same time. I was shaking a bit with the lollipop but I got through it.


  1. Kia orana, Mary. It sounds like you learnt a lot from Constable Teina yesterday. Now that you have finished your training, when do you start the real road patrol job?

  2. Great question we start next year