Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Angel the Hero

Once upon a time there lived a monster called Angel that lived in the Pridelands with humans. There was an evil monster that lived in the evil forest that did not like Angel. The monster didn’t like Angel because he thinks that she should be really bad.The evil monster always liked to scare the people of land and Angel because he doesn't like good people. He likes bad people. One day Angel was just having a good night sleep after the mistakes that had happened in the day. She said I'd rather go to sleep because it’s pretty late. That was the night when the evil monster came to kidnap Angel. As soon as she woke up, it was rise and shine but she didn't know were she was. Then after that she realised where she was but it was too late. The evil monster was going to put her in the fire. She tried to get the key to unlock the cage but she couldn't reach. After 10 minutes she reached for the key and she got it so she put it in the keyhole to unlock it. The plan worked and she got out. She quietly and quickly went past the evil monster. She quickly ran off to the Pridelands and got dressed in her proper clothes. After she was ready in her proper clothes, she went to make a trap for the evil monster to get him to move away from the Pridelands. As soon as the evil monster knew that Angel was gone he quickly ran to the Pridelands. As soon as Angel had finished the trap she hid until the evil monster came. She had to be quiet because the evil monster was coming. As soon he got closer to the trap Angel snapped. The evil monster went into the net at last. Angel said finally I caught him. Angel had one thing to say to him. It was sorry Mr you're going to jail .That was the day when Angel began to be a hero in her own life.

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