Friday, 21 October 2016

Botanical Gardens

On Thursday our whole school went to the botanical gardens to see the plants, gardens and flowers. I could hear the  birds chirping and the water dripping from the fountain. I could smell flowers and roses that smelt like perfume. When I smelt the magnolia flower, it smelt like pollen inside the magnolia. I felt good when we got there but then when we walked alot I got very tired of walking but as soon as we got to the bus I said " Finally I can sit!" My favourite garden was the spring blossom valley because the blossoms smelled so beautiful. My favourite plant is an edible plant because I learnt that the fruit and vegetables in the edible garden glow with health and vitality.

My favourite and the best sculpture was the that it looks like a pineapple with lots of shovels on it.My favourite part of the day was that when we went to the rose garden and smelt the rose’s
Because the rose’s smell like perfume as well.

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