Friday, 16 September 2016

Henry The Hero

Henry the Hero has been asked to talk to us about how reading is a better life, what he came to talk about was this. One day he went with his mum to the mall she saw her friend and said hey hey you I want to talk to you and then after two hours later Henry was so bored so he went to the library. When he went there he read a book and there was someone being noisy and he went looking for that person then he saw a lady with long black hair, brown big eyes and big chu-chu lips. Then he started to laugh. Then we laughed hard out, he couldn't believe his eyes and he couldn't say anything to her so he just went and cried for 7 day 14 hours 21 minutes and 10 sec. After three years later Henry had grown up and went to the library again. He said there she was. He said that he wanted to ask a question and  the girl said yes anything. Then Henry said yes can I have that book please then the lady got angry and walked off. Henry said that by reading books he changed his life.

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