Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Netball Team!!!

On Wednesday the 17th of August it was the day when we played interschool netball, I was the captain of year 5 and year 6, When we got to the netball courts it was the year 7 and year 8 turn to play there game first, while the year 5 and the year 6 were practicing .When it was time for the year 5 and year 6 games we played our netball game first and we played against Panmure bridge. When we played it was very nervous because it was the first game but anyways the score was a tie. We had one game that we lost and all of the other games we won them, the schools we played against was Panmure bridge,Stonefield,Point England,bailey road,and Stent Patrick. We came 4th but we tried our bested and it was all right, my favorite game was Stonefield because they were so short and we could get around them easily. Me and leanah had got lots of shots in the hoop .It was really fun and it was cool to be captain.


  1. Hello Mary, I like that you remembered all the schools you played against. Congratulations captain on coming forth.

  2. Hi Mary,you and your school mates had did very well for the tournament
    congratulation for being captain and for coming 4th place.

    1. Kia orana! She did a wonderful job as team captain and it is wonderful that she is able to share about this experience through her blog.