Friday, 12 May 2017

Central Pulse vs Northern Stars

Central Pulse went power on with Northern Stars, scoring was 55 to pulse and 37 to Northern Stars. Tiana Metuarau had out standing shooting at attack had scored 31 from 36 attempts. The key figure was Katrina Grant captain of the Central Pulse. Bits and pieces needed to be worked from  Northern Stars but they still played well and played strong. It was a strong take from the Central Pulse, well deserved to them they played very well also defence were very on to it. Northern Stars vs Central Pulse was a very tough game to Northern stars but they took it strong, well deserved Central Pulse hard work nice and strong. Well done to defence and shooters outstanding for Tiana Metuarau and Cathrine Tuivaiti also well done to Katrina Grant and Phoenix Kata. Central Pulse well deserved game.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Light quake hits Blenheim

On Saturday night just before 8pm more than 3000 people,knew that a earthquake hit Blenheim they said that the had felt the. The magnitude earthquake was 4.5 also it was centred 10km northeast of the town 37km deep. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

110km/h speed limit rule open for feedback

Parts of New Zealand has had speed limits over 110km/h,this is the draft speed limit rule.
Roads that are safely are for a higher speed 
limit. Also other roads don't have the risk to 
go up to speed limits because some are not
the same.