Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A celebration for parents!

Last Thursday I came after school and signed the contract for my chrome book to take home every Monday and Wednesday. First when I came in I was excited about taking my chrome book home. We did the survey for the parents, all sisters and brothers. After that me and my sister looked at my screen cast  for the parent meeting. She thought it was really good because she asked me some questions about it. We were looking forward to looking at the the class blog because we have been doing some really good stuff in room 10 like the professional chefs that made our lunch and the doctor that came to talk about healthy eating. We looked at my drive to see where I put things in my folders, like my infographic. Also we looked at my other folders to see what I was doing. Then we checked the class site for some exciting links. It was really fun getting my chrome book and taking it home!

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